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Hi BFamily! Hope you enjoy watching the Official Music Video to my new single, "Ooh Ooh" ft Gracie Haschak!

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Ooh Ooh
MattyBRaps ft Gracie Haschak

Chorus (Gracie Haschak)
Ooh ooh I be with my crew – ew
Catch me in a city makin' move – ooves
Pull up to the stu-uu
Hop up out the coupe – oupe
Fire in the booth, I got that heat
That'll make 'em go

Verse 1 (MattyBRaps)
I be on that new school
Drippin' on that new wave
They hate on my classics
I swerve into new lanes
I might post a new pic
I might start a new craze
Better hide your new chick
This might be her new phase
This for all the entrepreneurial people my age
This for all the stream punks
Bankin' like it's shark tank
I'mma spit that new hard
I'mma be a young boss
Matty, where you been dawg?
Cookin' up that new sauce

(Chorus x2)

Verse 2 (MattyBRaps)
I'm out here tryna teach 'em game like it's school
Please take a seat, turn your beat to page two
That boy Navada in the summer
Call me El Dorado
Spit Miami Heat, from the start to acabado
That means, "finish"
I won't fall like the snow in Colorado
Cruisin' I'm on auto
She just want the follow
While I rocket ride these beats
Eat the verse like a Piranha
I'm go Space X, I'm on Pluto
I get numbers like the lotto
These kids fakin' man
In they head more than a dreadlock
I don't Hollywood
I just rap and go play Xbox
I'm your neighbor dawg
Sugar, sugar, life is sweet
Ooh, I dunked it in for two
Pass it back, I'll shoot the three

(Chorus x2)

Verse 3 (Gracie Haschak)
Matty, Matty, Matty
Is it cool if I go?
Got got a couple little things
I I I think they should
Hop in the coupe
Put it in Sport (sport)
We poppin' the top like a cork
Pass me the rock, dribble the court (and one)
Might as well stick in the fork
I got the juice, I got the sauce (drip)
You do not want my team to go off
One for the hive, Ooh it's a vibe
The king and the queen have arrived
We just keep flippin the flow
Us ever slippin's a, "no"
Step on the gas, here we go
Get it, whip it, spit it,
Mix it, flip it, woah
I I I walk around my city
They like, "Gracie you fly"
They they they ask me how'd you cook that verse
As easy as pie
Matty pulls up in the foreign
Beat banging like a drum
I I I feel like DJ Khalid
Cause this, this
Another one

(Chorus x2)

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