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Ruel: Three Thoughts on Expensive Clothes

It started with James Bay's "Let It Go." Sydney tween Ruel Van Dijt recorded himself singing the UK hero's hit, and shared it with a producer. The producer had some industry juice, loved the track, and...Bam! A career was off and running thanks to a husky voice that has a rather persuasive R&B; quality. Since then, Ruel's earned himself some other nice breaks, too. He's toured with Angus and Julia Stone, collected a big handful of critical raves, and got a bit of dap from new-artist supporter, Elton John. Along the way he cut a beat-box version of Rag'n'Bone Man's "Human" that you've just gotta hear, and has dropped a very cool vid for his "Younger" track. As Ruel inches closer and closer towards fame, he's increasingly in the spotlight. So fashion is sometimes on his mind. He's got opinions about that. "Style doesn't need to be high-end," says the man who likes to sport sweats and a hoodie. "People I look up to the most are the people who really don't give a shit. They throw all the rules out the window. Like Tyler the Creator - he's kinda dressing up like a granddad, but he looks so dope." See what else he has to say about expensive clothes...

Producer: Priya Minhas
Editor: Lika Kumoi

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